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A terroir only has real meaning if people care for it.
Nature, in offering such a treasure, entrusts us with a huge responsibility.

It is no longer just a matter of working the soil, but rather of supporting a living organism, of carefully maintaining its habitat, and giving it the opportunity to express its full potential, its richness, and complexity.

At Château Barde-Haut, Clos l'Eglise and Poesia, the winegrower's task is to interpret a masterpiece of nature: all efforts are focused on respecting its character, and giving it the most perfect expression.

Our wines are above all the story of an encounter. The encounter between Patrice Lévèque, an impassioned winegrower, and his wife, Hélène Garcin. Patrice rarely leaves his vineyard, which receives his constant attention. As if it were one of his children, he cannot imagine being away for too long, because, as he says himself: "If it rains, if it freezes, or if there is a heatwave, my vines have no choice but to endure it. If I want to do my job properly, then I have to stay with them, whatever the conditions".

While this man of the soil has the means to create a great Saint Emilion and a great Pomerol, what he likes most of all is when his wine is enjoyed. The tremendous care taken to enable the terroir to offer a masterpiece would be in vain if Hélène, his wife, did not devote all her energy to presenting it to the public. This complementary union, this natural harmony, is not unlike that between the elements of this exceptional terroir.

A story in which the setting and the characters take turns in playing from the same score, that ultimately delivers its message in the fleeting moment when the wine is tasted.